Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Middle Finger

5.30pm, time of refresh, time to back home.
A big chuckle in the face, hand busy tidying the stuff, toe is heading to the door,
preparing to rush back home.

Driving up my motor bike until the pj gate traffic light,
there is a police direct the traffic,
let me describe him a bit "a sleepy eye, a little bit plump, and short".
The first impression "shit, the government really lower the standard of law enforcement ".

What piss me of is that dwarf totally not committed to his job,
I have to wait 2 rounds for my turn cross the road.
First, he lets the cars on his left hand side passed, then the cars on his right hand side, and again back to the cars of his left hand side to cross.

Next only the vehicles in front of him that me and considerable amount of cars.
That 2 turns consume the time that let me lost the patient.

When I passes him, and his back is against me, I pointed out my middle finger toward him.
Cant held myself.


  1. but they really helps a lot on traffic.. i travel PJ-serdang everyday, i can see ...

  2. maybe the 1st impression make me hate him so much after a tiny mistake.

  3. waiting time is longer compare with typical traffic light