Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Middle Finger

5.30pm, time of refresh, time to back home.
A big chuckle in the face, hand busy tidying the stuff, toe is heading to the door,
preparing to rush back home.

Driving up my motor bike until the pj gate traffic light,
there is a police direct the traffic,
let me describe him a bit "a sleepy eye, a little bit plump, and short".
The first impression "shit, the government really lower the standard of law enforcement ".

What piss me of is that dwarf totally not committed to his job,
I have to wait 2 rounds for my turn cross the road.
First, he lets the cars on his left hand side passed, then the cars on his right hand side, and again back to the cars of his left hand side to cross.

Next only the vehicles in front of him that me and considerable amount of cars.
That 2 turns consume the time that let me lost the patient.

When I passes him, and his back is against me, I pointed out my middle finger toward him.
Cant held myself.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Runaway train

Recently i always listened to a song from soul asylum
which best describe my temporarily lost called "runaway train"

i am taking out the chorus of the song,

"Runaway train never going back
Wrong way on a one way track
Seems like I should be getting somewhere
Somehow I'm neither here no there"

make me feel like i was a boat at the middle of the river without paddle,
struggling hard,
not up and not down.

a blew of wind or a push of current,
i am moving,
forward or backward,
dont care.
i am MOVING.

读心神探 and lie to me


lie to me

my suggestion to whoever have watched the 读心神探, can go and watch lie to me,

because both dramas concept are identical,

lie to me has very cool gadgets and the way they explaining the "macro expression" is much more convincing... since they provide facial emotion of the common celebrities, which always shown up in public.

and you tend to believe what they said.

this drama "lie to me" is highly addicted, recommending all to watch.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thank coursemate

I want to thank all my coursemate for accompanying me 4 years in my university life.

I learn a lot from you all.

Every single of you have the unique personality that cherish every moment in the dull uni life.

Boon-you are the most joyful girl and the best sing karaoke partner.

derik-the most fashionable guy in the whole course, a little bit metro sexual. Hope can see the masculine side of you.

poh loong- the most handsome guy in the whole course and with a good temper also.

qian-the sweetest girl in the course and the most social able people in the campus.

quek-the most beautiful girl in the campus, undeniable.

cdlim- the nicest guy in course, first choice of many girl.

ks- the most talented script writer, song writer, blogger in town, sometime it take courage to read his stuffs (haha just joking).

siang xi-the bravest guy in course, he is brave enough to persuade his dream. A talented musician also.

a liong-the "dai lou" of the course, gifted in resolving conflict in coursemate.

a chai-the most diligent guy in the course, bringing note wherever he goes.

alan-has the best body shape in course, brilliant person but a bit childish.

mei ting-a shy girl but has the best manner in course.

hooi yee-an independent and capable girl.

diditeoh-a good cello player, a good student, a good listener, and expert in English. Her blog that inspired me to start writing.

pei see-a multi capable girl with the best leadership quality.

choon keat-a necessarily in gathering, the best joke supplier in course.

vry hong-the best course rap, helping hand whenever you need it.

Sandra- the most attractive girl with a pleasant looking smile.

yau sen-mister nice guy, on-call anytime to help people but only applicable to girl.

Chi hoe-a people with its own style, also a good talker and presenter.

Boon chuan- good at dota and good at study. Sometime, a good motivator.

Yih Liang-a good actor and brave guy also.

Feel great to have you all as coursemate.


I do change a lot comparing with the first year of me.

I change my spec, dye my hair, and gain some weight (from 55kg to 68kg and it still increasing).

I have a lifebelt that perfectly hidden under my cloth,
these meat and fat around my abdomen sure would not get me drown.

I do not aware of my change until I was looking back my first year photo
and I am glad that I have changed.

Changing is a good thing.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

At least you try

At least you try,

The magnificent words used to comfort people when they are down.

These words make the effect of Viagra like “lift you up when you are down”. Often it make people feel relieve and no more blue.

However, these words should not be applicable to our self because it tends to make us gave up easily and finding excuse for not trying the best.

In most of the time, trying is not enough. Trying is just a first step in starting a new stuff, later on, 100 percent of effort plus blood and sweat are needed to make it a success.

Randy Pausch, a lecture who diagnoses with pancreas cancer and has 6 months more to live. He delivers a last lecture on “how to achieve your childhood dream”. During the talk, he emphasis on a quote

“Brick wall is for people for not want it badly, but is a chance for people who want it badly”.

So, next time, when you hit your head on the brick wall, find a hammer and break the wall.

Not more finding excuse to yourself.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thesis writing

Difference word used to describe a thing has crucial effect on your mark.

1) Open the computer
2) Switch on the computer
3) Boot the computer

All sentences are describing the same but difference levels of technicality are shown.

Consequences-difference marks will be given.

For my thesis writing is like building stuff from scraps and trying to make it sound pro.

Let it be seen a lot of effort plus expertise knowledge is put into this.

Generally is called bluffing with skill.

Oh, forget to mention. I am expert in this.